22—named after its address, 22 Lupfer Ave. in Whitefish’s Railroad District—is a multi-use facility, which features retail spaces and luxury apartments. Construction was completed in December 2015.

This addition to the Railway District expands and diversifies Whitefish’s retail sector and contributes to the town’s identity as a vacation destination.

22 is a unique structure. It is a three-storey facility that reflects the aesthetics of the historic neighborhood and, at the same time, offers urban and modern interior design, with open spaces and views of Big Mountain and downtown Whitefish.

The entrance to the building is laid in antique cobblestone imported from Philadelphia, bringing with it an authentic part of American history.

22 also features a roof garden with a fire pit, a spacious sitting area, and a spectacular 360-degree view.

22 was designed by Whitefish architect Duie Millette and built by Randy Scott, based on the ideas of Sherry Spencer, the owner.

Mrs. Spencer has spent much of the past decade living in Whitefish and calls it her second home.

She has created original ceramic artwork for the roof garden, inspired by mythological themes and Whitefish’s famous Winter Carnival.